Mission Statement

The Kidsbridge mission is to educate and empower children and youth through social-emotional learning, diversity appreciation lessons and bullying prevention skills training. The purpose is to create empathetic individuals and caring citizens who live their lives without prejudice or discrimination and who are positive advocates for themselves and others.

Vision Statement

Kidsbridge envisions a more accepting world in which people are free to be themselves without fear of being bullied or mistreated. By first developing a foundation in empathy, Kidsbridge’s ‘evidence-based’ programs provide the strategies, tools and practice needed to effectively:

  • Address bullying/cyberbullying, bias, prejudice and discrimination
  • Change bystanders into UPstanders
  • Encourage empowerment and positive self-esteem
  • Develop empathy, respect for others and diversity appreciation
  • Promote the value of life skills, staying in school and aspiration to college

Kidsbridge’s Values

Empathy & Caring – Kidsbridge believes that empathy must be cultivated in every child. Until one can put themselves in another’s place to feel and understand his/her pain, or until one can truly care about others, one cannot be a change agent in school or in the world. By giving them the tools to change their own behaviors and their school culture in order to create caring classrooms, the hope is that the world will become a better place as well.

Empowerment & Leadership – Kidsbridge strives to provide children and youth with the tools they need to become strong, empowered individuals and responsible, open leaders who stand by their convictions and lead by example. Social-emotional learning skills are essential, and are at the core of all Kidsbridge SEL UPstander Experiences, regardless of age.

Tolerance & Respect – Kidsbridge endorses the belief that every person, regardless of his or her race, culture, heritage, religious beliefs, gender, sexual orientation or differing abilities deserves an equal chance and the same opportunities and should not be judged, included or excluded based on these attributes. Prejudice, discrimination, stereotypes and bias have no place in this world.


Kidsbridge is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to providing imaginative, hands-on activities and small group discussions that focus on bullying/cyberbullying prevention; tolerance & diversity appreciation; empowerment; peaceful conflict resolution & respect for all persons; sensitivity for persons with disabilities, gender and LGBT issues; creating a support team; media literacy & memes; mindfulness and listening skills; and youth grassroots activism. Children and teens participating in a Kidsbridge SEL UPstander Experience — either visiting the Tolerance Center or being educated via the Mobile Outreach option in their own schools/classrooms — are active participants in the learning experience. A trained program facilitator leads fun and interesting activities. The activities are created to generate discussion, encourage participation, and promote pro-social responses relating to the subjects listed above. The activities are developmentally-appropriate to the age of the students, and are customized to specifically address the needs of the school or individual classroom.