2334a62d-e7b5-4140-995a-e3d19010a244Although we were very excited to participate in NJ First Lady Mary Pat Christie’s NJ Heroes Foundation’s online contest held during the week of February 22, unfortunately Lynne Azarchi/Kidsbridge finished out of the money. GinaMarie Raimondo of Bullying…We’re Kickin’ It! received the most votes and took home the $7,500 prize. Click here to read more.

Kidsbridge was very excited to be nominated as one of three nonprofits to compete for a $7,500 prize. The statewide, online contest’s theme was bullying prevention to help young people — which all of our supporters know is in sync with what Kidsbridge is all about. “While we would have loved to win, by being nominated we were being acknowledged for our work. Providing students and educators with bullying prevention strategies is something we do on a regular basis. We look at this experience as an opportunity to introduce Kidsbridge and our programs to even more people throughout the state,” said Executive Director Lynne Azarchi. The award was being presented by NJ First Lady Mary Pat Christie and the NJ Heroes Foundation. With brief descriptions about each nonprofit being posted on their website, it was up to each nonprofit to generate online votes for themselves.

“We want to thank our supporters. We sent several emails reminding you to vote every day, and to ask you to ask others in your network to vote as well. Every vote counted, and we just came up short,” said Azarchi. “We appreciate your help, and congratulate the winner, GinaMarie Raimondo and her very impressive program.”
e64dc68a-c1e1-4ea3-9af7-5d2f98941019“A girl was being nasty to me in 5th & 6th grades. She called names and I hated it. She wouldn’t stop. I finally told my teacher and he told her, ‘How would you feel right now if you were in her shoes?’ From that day on the girl has never been nasty to me. I feel so much better!” –Valerie, 7th grader

Here is the link to the original press release: press release for more information.