Kidsbridge Kids

Young visitors interact with the “Kidsbridge Kids” in our “Kidsbridge Town” activities. 



It’s difficult to find age-appropriate field trips for the little ones. Thanks so much. — First Grade Teacher


The “Kidsbridge Town” Program at the Tolerance Center

Group Size:  Maximum 24 children
Visit Length:  2 hours

Grades 1-2
Group size:  Maximum 32 children
Visit Length:  3 hours (including lunch); Mornings only


Admission:  Admission is charged per student. There is no cost for teachers, school counselors, other educators or adult chaperones.

Post-Visit Resources:  Kidsbridge provides a curriculum area for teachers. Please bring your phone to photograph lesson plans, information for parents and care-givers, and other resources to reinforce and extend the content presented during your visit.  (Hard copies of materials are available free upon request.)


“Kidsbridge Town” Activities:

Welcoming Others at “The Kidsbridge Play House”:
Children practice welcoming, including others, and sharing while strengthening their “feeling words” vocabulary.  They discuss how it feels to be welcomed and included.  Five children play host to three dolls, so sharing and cooperation is required. First and second grade children welcome dolls with specific attributes: a shy doll, a doll with a physical disability, a doll who does not speak English.

Problem Solving at the “Kidsbridge School”:
Children view posters showing the Kidsbridge Kids in various situations they might themselves encounter at school.  Children must act out a solution to the problem, thereby “mentoring” the Kidsbridge Kids and practicing problem solving in a fun way. If the problem involves a doll who is scared, sad, or might be hurt, children are encouraged to tell “Mrs Bridge” the teacher doll. Older children (1st and 2nd grades) explore the concept of “telling vs. tattling.”

Alike and Different at the “Kidsbridge Store” (Puppet-making for Grades 1 and 2) :
Each child chooses a wooden cutout of a doll in a bright (non-human) color.  Children “shop” for their doll, choosing hair, clothes, shoes and a toy to stick on with Velcro.  After shopping, children sit together and discuss all the differences among the dolls and consider whether these dolls can still be friends. Activity closes with a song and a chance for each child to admire their “special self” in a mirror.

Managing Feelings at the “Kidsbridge Park”:
The Kidsbridge Park activity is introduced with images that evoke different feelings. We explore “What could make us want to roar, and how can we calm down?” Children practice calming through their senses, including scent, vision, touch and sound. Children practice belly breathing, and mindful walking.

Diversity Appreciation Culminating Activity:
Children create a stick puppet for this activity. Puppets may be used back in the classroom as a problem solving tool.