The Kidsbridge UPstander Experience is Mobile to your School!

Look for our colorful van as Kidsbridge brings our Kidsbridge UPstander Experience via a mobile outreach program to your school or organization. We utilize our successful small-group, interactive learning model to educate your students in their own classrooms. Our  facilitators conduct sessions which include: small-group activities, theater/role play, movement, journaling, and guided relaxation. Session options appear below.

Mobile Program Overview 

Pre-visit information via a Teacher’s Guide.

Post-visit activity: Conflict Resolution Puppets – This follow-up activity is a fun tool for further role play and problem-solving. Teachers receive skit scenarios and puppet show guidelines including a media literacy lesson on how to watch skits/TV/Internet programs respectfully.

Mobile Program Specifics

Program Length: 3-5 sessions

Session Length: 45-55 minutes

Frequency: Flexible scheduling of sessions (semi-weekly, weekly or bi-weekly)

Class Size: Students remain in their classroom. Maximum 24 students

FULL Program consists of FIVE sessions = $650 per class
PARTIAL Program of FOUR sessions = $525 per class
MINIMUM Program of THREE sessions = $450 per class
Additional charges for mileage and tolls

Mobile Program Sessions

~Learning to better handle feelings and reduce stress in challenging situations though breathing and movement

UPstander Skills
~Exploring practical, actionable strategies for dealing with bullying and cyberbullying

Diversity Appreciation
~Sharpening critical thinking skills relating to bias and stereotypes in order to inspire respect

The Terrible Things
~A literature-based activity promoting caring, empathy, working together and UPstander behavior

~Strengthening UPstander skills through careful listening and effective speaking

Strengths & Teamwork
~Identifying strengths for personal empowerment; valuing others’ strengths and challenges

Media & Cyberbullying
~Analyzing memes and media to encourage thoughtful safe and kind behavior online

Building a Support Team
~Planning a network of supportive adults and peers (Kidsbridge Action Response Team), and identifying the crucial benefits of asking for help