Kidsbridge offers an UPstander Experience that is developmentally appropriate and specifically designed for children ages 4 through 6. Via our Mobile Outreach Program, Kidsbridge brings our successful, small-group, interactive learning model to your classroom. Our facilitators conduct sessions that use song, movement, guided relaxation and other activities. Learning objectives include: identifying feelings, self-regulation and problem-solving. And the kids have fun!

Program Overview

Group size: Maximum 15 students
Note: Our facilitators may request assistance from the classroom teacher or other school staff. Guidelines for assistance will be provided.

Program Length: 3 sessions

Session Length: 25-30 minutes

Frequency: Flexible scheduling of sessions (semi-weekly, weekly or bi-weekly)

Facilities: Students may remain in their classroom or move to another room with open space

Cost: Program consists of THREE sessions = $450 per class
Additional charges may be assessed for mileage and tolls

Supporting curriculum materials are provided to each class, including:

  • Kidsbridge Kids Name, Claim and Tame Feelings booklet (all children receive a copy)
  • Kidsbridge Kids Name, Claim and Tame Feelings booklet Teacher’s Guide
  • Post-visit lesson activities

Program Sessions

  1. Managing Feelings. Children practice calming through their senses, including scent, vision, touch and sound. Children practice belly breathing, mindful walking, and other relaxation techniques.
  2. Alike & Different. Children personalize a paper puppet and identify a strength. Concepts include: How are people alike and different? Can people with differences be friends?
  3. Problem-Solving. Kidsbridge Kids (Diversity Dolls) encounter various situations at school. Children “mentor” the dolls and practice problem solving through role-play.
  4. Self-Regulation. All three sessions include practice in using self-regulation skills.