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Kidsbridge Kids

My students gained a social-emotional skill of recognizing their own feelings and responding appropriately, also using thinking skills to resolve conflict. — Pre-K teacher

The Kidsbridge Early Childhood Mobile Outreach Program 

The Kidsbridge Mobile Program for young children is designed to be used in conjunction with the Kidsbridge Kids Name, Claim and Tame Feelings booklet.  Every child will receive a copy of the booklet to be used in the classroom or at home with family members.  The booklet is designed to help children build a “feeling words” vocabulary and practice understanding and managing feelings.

Program Specifics

early-ed_telling-vs-tattling_img_7441-fixedLength of Program: 3 sessions
Length of Activities: 20-30 minutes
Group size: Maximum 24 children
Materials: Our trained facilitators will bring a set of our KidsBridge Kids dolls, as well as a mobile version of our Kidsbridge Store, Park, and School.

Welcoming Others 

lakb85lAll visits include practice in welcoming and including others, as children will welcome the Kidsbridge Kids into their classroom.  Relaxation and calming will also be practiced.

Program Sessions

lakb87lProblem Solving at the “Kidsbridge School”
Children view posters showing the Kidsbridge Kids in various situations they might themselves encounter at school.  Children must act out a solution to the problem, thereby “mentoring” the Kidsbridge Kids and practicing problem solving in a fun way.  If the problem involves a doll who is scared, sad, or might be hurt, children are encouraged to tell “Mrs Bridge” the teacher doll.

Alike and Different at the “Kidsbridge Store”
Each child chooses a wooden cutout of a doll in a bright (non-human) color.  Children “shop” for their doll, choosing hair, clothes, shoes and a toy to stick on with Velcro.  After shopping, children sit together and discuss all the differences among the dolls and consider whether these dolls can still be friends. Activity closes with movement and a song.

Managing Feelings at the “Kidsbridge Park”
The Kidsbridge Park activity is introduced with images that evoke different feelings. Children practice calming through their senses, including scent, vision, touch and sound. Children practice belly breathing, and mindful walking.

The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book for Preschool Classrooms

hinitzbook“Early Childhood teachers!  Book the Kidsbridge Mobile Program at your school and receive a copy of The Anti-Bullying and Teasing Book for Preschool Classrooms. This book contains more than 40 activities that focus on controlling teasing and bullying with friendship, community, and expressing feelings.”