The core competencies of SEL or Social-Emotional Learning create the foundation of all Kidsbridge programs. Our “UPstander Experiences” are developmentally appropriate for the age of the student. Kidsbridge educates children and teens from preschool through 8th grade.

We now offer TWO SEL main program options for most grades:

1. Tolerance Center Program (TCP) — Traditional field trip to the Kidsbridge Tolerance Center in Ewing, NJ
2. Mobile Outreach Program (MOP) — A mobile outreach program of a series of three to five sessions presented in your classroom/at your site (no travel required!)

Either way, your students will be empowered to become UPstanders (youth who ‘stand up and speak out’ when they witness bullying and other injustices.) They will learn strategies … and have fun!

Kidsbridge Diversity DollsAll Kidsbridge programs include:

  • Small group activities to engage students and encourage individual participation
  • Games, theater, art, movement and mindfulness
  • A safe space for all opinions and open dialogue
  • Empathetic and enthusiastic adult facilitators
  • Reinforcement of strategies for creating caring classrooms
  • SEL or Social-Emotional Learning; teaching the WHOLE child and focCASELusing on CASEL’s five core competenciesSEL, social and emotional learning

 Kidsbridge topics include:

• Bullying & cyberbullying prevention
• Tolerance, diversity appreciation and respect for all persons
• Personal and group empowerment
• Empathy & UPstander behavior
• Bias & stereotype awareness

Kidsbridge SEL programs are customized to your students’ developmental needs

Select a grade to continue:

Pre-K, K & 1 Mobile Only2 – 6
2 – 6
7 – 8
Center Only

Evidence-Based Curriculum

In collaboration with The College of New Jersey’s (TCNJ) psychology professor Dr. James Graham, TCNJ undergraduate lab students administer and analyze pre- and post-education surveys using sophisticated software. They have found that students show a statistically significant improvement in attitudes and knowledge in the following areas:​

Empathy Stereotypes Religious diversity Moral reasoning Empowerment Mindfulness
Empathy Stereotypes Religious diversity Moral reasoning Empowerment Mindfulness