Teach: A Caregiver's Guide to Prejudice & Discrimination
  • Talk about prejudice & discrimination
  • Empower children
  • Accept responsibility
  • Challenge stereotypes
  • Help your child
Bullying: What Parents Can Do About It
Bullying: What Parents Can Do About It is a resource that addresses what can be done by parents to prevent or stop bullying among children.  Identifies forms of bullying, strategies for parents and additional resources.  By Daniel F. Perkins, Ph.D. and Elaine Berrena, M. Ed. [...]

Kidsbridge believes that children and teens can be taught empowerment skills, and with practice and reinforcement, can internalize pro-social options when interacting and communicating with others. Learning how to express oneself in a respectful way and feeling empowered to advocate for themselves and others are wonderful skills to have in one’s arsenal.


EDUTOPIA; what works in educationwww.edutopia.org/article/bullying-prevention-resources Resources to Fight Bullying and Harassment at School. Topics include: Resources for Educators; Resources for Parents; School-Wide and District-Wide Approaches; Social and Emotional Learning; Diversity and Inclusion; Suicide Prevention; Additional Resources on the Web






Bully is not a noun



  • An interactive website for pupils, parents, and schools
  • Focuses on cyber bullying
  • Parents: Pointers on knowing whether or not your child is being bullied; Advice on how to approach the school; Help if your child is the bully; If you child is being bullied outside the school


  • Speaks about the different ways kids bully
  • Why kids bully
  • Signs that a child is being bullied
  • How to help if your child is being bullied
  • If your child is the bully
  • Helping your child stop bullying
  • Getting help for both bullies and kids being bullied


  • The Victim: Signs and Symptoms
  • The Bully: Signs and Symptoms
  • Offers advice on what to do if your child is the victim
  • When a victim’s parent should contact school authorities
  • Parents of bully and what they can do


  • Anti-bullying site created by Australia’s educational communities
  • Parents: Links and information sheets; How to identify bullying behavior; Ideas for who to contact


  • Anti-bullying site offering resources, products and information for educators, families, and students
  • Info about Cyber Bullying
  • Parents: FAQs & Articles


  • Bullying prevention website for parents and teachers
  • Video
  • Consulting, risk management, legal, and media assistance
  • Information about and recommended reading and links: Child abuse; Strangers; Safety on the Internet; Bullies; Advocacy; Research


  • Kalamazoo (MI) College’s Site Dedicated to Creating Safe Learning Environments for Kids
  • Created by college students enrolled in a Social Development course
  • Resources
  • Parents: Information and links; help for kids who are bullied; help for kids who bully


  • An article on how parent can teach kids tolerance
  • Positive Parenting


  • Provides suggestion and ways to speak to children about: Difference; Role of Empathy; How to teach Tolerance


  • Interesting content & infographics provided by International Business Guide on the subject of workplace bullying.


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