Assessment Release Form

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Assessment Permission Form

Signing this permission form allows visiting students to be assessed. Under the direction of TCNJ’s Psychology professors and college students, Mobile Outreach Program students are given surveys about pro-social skills, bullying prevention and empathy before and after their Kidsbridge experience. As described above, my students may be asked to take a pre- and post-visit survey to assess their attitudes before and after the Kidsbridge experience. I will download the permission form, asking students’ parents/guardians to sign it, and have signed copies available to give to the Kidsbridge Facilitator before the first session begins.

Media Release Form

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Media Permission Form

Signing this permission form allows Kidsbridge staff or designated, approved individuals to take photos or video of your students during the sessions. This content will be used in a various media opportunities in order to promote Kidsbridge programs. As described above, my students have signed a media release form. Kidsbridge is allowed to take pictures of my students to use for educational/promotional purposes.