Kidsbridge is always looking for books, videos, songs, websites, activities, and research that address bullying prevention, diversity appreciation, and respect for others. Similar content is sought for other important subjects like empathy, empowerment, mindfulness, along with strategies for dealing with prejudice, discrimination, bias and stereotypes. Below, you will find some options.


Dealing with Legal Matters
Am I Blue
Families Like Mine
Love Makes a Family
So Hard to Say
The Misfits

Long White Cane



  • For children. Offers advice on:
    • How to deal with different scenarios on bullying
    • The different forms of bullying
    • Offers help to the child who is doing the bullying

  • Dealing with Bullying
  • How to help – Resources

  • Support services for whom bullying is an issue
  • Available online mentoring support programs

  • When times get tough, it’s important to know there are people you can count on. The ideas in this booklet can help you learn to deal with tough times and enjoy the good times by finding the people and places that are right for you. You might find these ideas useful in your everyday life. Or read them to see if they might be helpful to a friend.

  • Anti-bullying site created by Australia’s educational communities
  • Students:
    • Facts about bullying
    • Helping yourself and your friends
    • What to do if you see bullying or cyber bullying
    • Getting rid of homophobia and racism
    • Student poetry and artwork

  • Anti-bullying site offering resources, products, and information for educators, families, and students
  • Info about Cyber Bullying
  • Students:
    • FAQ
    • Articles
    • Kids Help Phone

  • Bully information for kids
  • Teens’ interactive stories
  • Bullying advice
  • More bullying information