Elementary School

King & King
Molly’s Family
Daddy, Papa, & Me
Mommy, Mama & Me
The Family Book
And Tango Makes 3
Who’s in a Family

Odd Boy Out
Someone Special Just Like You
Little Baby Snoogle-Fleejer
Looking After Louis
Howie Helps Himself
Otto Learns About His Medicine
My Brother is a World Class Pain
My Friend is Deaf
It’s Called Dyslexia
Shelley the Hyperactive Turtle
Different Croaks for Different Folks
Carolina’s Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too!
My Grandma Has AIDS:  Annisha’s Story
Let’s Talk About It:  Extraordinary Friends
Some Kids Use Wheelchairs
Some Kids Wear Leg Braces
Don’t Laugh at Me
What’s Wrong with Timmy?
Don’t Call Me Special:  A First Look at Disabilities
Taking ADD to School:  A Story About Attention Deficit Disorder

The Helping Hands Handbook
Our Golda: The Story of Golda Meir
Extraordinary Girls
I am Barack Obama
I Dream for You a World: A Covenant for Our Children
Cesar Chavez, Labor Leader
Vilma Martinez
The Story of Ruby Bridges
Our Children Can Soar:  A Celebration of Rosa, Barack, and the Pioneers of Change
50 American Heroes Every Kid Should Meet
Eleanor Roosevelt: First Lady of the World
What I Had was Singing:  The Story of Marian Anderson
Peace Pilgrim: Her Life and Work in Her Own Words
Change the World for Ten Bucks:  Small Actions x Lots of People = Big Change
The Barefoot Book of Heroic Children
It’s Our World Too!:  Stories of Young People Who Are Making a Difference
Book of Black Heroes from A to Z, Vol. 1
Book of Black Heroes, Great Women in Struggle
I Have a Dream
The Brothers Kennedy: John, Robert, Edward
The Kids’ Guide to Social Action: How to Solve the Social Problems You Choose and Turn Creative Thinking into Positive Action
As Good as Anybody: Martin Luther King Jr. and Abraham Joshua Heschel’s Amazing March Toward Freedom
Zora Hurston and the Chinaberrey Tree
Eleanor, Quiet No More:  The Life of Eleanor Roosevelt
The Giving Book
The Heroes Book
Extraordinary Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders
Paths to Peace:  People Who Change the World

Middle School

The Misfts
So Hard to Say

Take Action!: A Guide to Active Citizenship
The Kids’ Guide to Social Action: How to Solve the Social Problems You Choose and Turn Creative Thinking into Positive Action


Bullying & Cyberbullying

  • The “Stop Bullying Now!” campaign was developed by the Health Resources and Services Administration in partnership with more than 70 health, safety, education, and faith-based organizations
  • Offers flash movies on bullying, games, and information about bullying and how to prevent it for students

  • An interactive website
  • Focuses on cyber bullying.
  • For children offers advice on:
    • How to deal with different scenarios on bullying
    • The different forms of bullying
    • Offers help to the child who is doing the bullying

  • Games
  • Kids and celebrity videos
  • Real life stories
  • Ask Sally for advice
  • Information on bullying

  • Topics on Bullies:
    • What is Bullying?
    • Who’s a Bully?
    • Who’s A Target?
    • How to Handle It
    • Innocent Bystanders
    • Are You A Bully?
    • Bully-Free Zones
    • From the Mentors
  • Games
  • Video
  • Advice
  • Famous celebrity talks about how they dealt with hard situations growing up

  • Anti-bullying site created by Australia’s educational communities
  • Students:
    • Facts about bullying
    • Helping yourself and your friends
    • What to do if you see bullying or cyber bullying
    • Getting rid of homophobia and racism
    • Student poetry and artwork

  • Anti-bullying site offering resources, products, and information for educators, families, and students
  • Info about Cyberbullying
  • Students:
    • FAQ
    • Articles
    • Kids Help Phone

  • Bully information for kids
  • Kids’ interactive stories
  • Bullying advice
  • More bullying information

  • Kalamazoo College’s Site Dedicated to Creating Safe Learning Environments for Kids
  • Created by college students enrolled in a Social Development course
  • Resources
  • Kids:
    • What is a bully?
    • What would you do?
    • Picture a world without bullying