Resources for Elementary & Middle School
Websites with information about:
  • Games
  • Kids and celebrity videos
  • Real life stories
  • Information on bullying
  • How to deal with different scenarios on bullying
  • The different forms of bullying
  • What is bullying?
  • Who is a bully?
  • Who is a target?
  • How to handle bullying
  • Innocent bystanders
  • Are YOU a bully?
  • Bully-free zones
  • Facts about bullying
Resources for High School
Websites with information about:
  • Bullying, dating violence and depression
  • Chatting live with a Safe Youth Specialist
  • Daily news that affect teens
  • Crisis Hotline
  • Multimedia: Video on bullying and many other topics
  • Advice on how to make friends
  • Tips on how to deal with changing schools
  • Eliminating homophobia and racism
Holocaust & Genocide Awareness Award
A Holocaust & Genocide Awareness award is given to a student that has demonstrated an altruistic act of generating awareness, empathy and action for holocaust and/or genocide education.
Young Humanitarian Award
A Young Humanitarian awarded is given to:  1) a individual child or 2) a group of children that has performed an extraordinary act of kindheartedness or service  to  the  community or demonstrated the peaceful resolution of a conflict, compassion for the less fortunate, and/or kindness to all living things and the world in which we all live.  It is also awarded to:  3) a teacher, guidance counselor or principal for outstanding school leadership in a character education program.